Faster than lightning, this flavour catches everything on the fly. A foolproof trick stuffed with strawberries.


Where this one goes, there is always action. You dig? Find your rhythm, keep up the tempo and blast the music! You’re going to cause a stir for sure.


We know that an elephant is always blasting things, but here is the real champion! Are you up for the challenge?


Under those candy pink feathers lies formidable power of attraction. Warning: an explosion of flavours and a risk of getting hooked!


What does a mad scientist do? Crazy stuff! Like this grape concoction to make you see the world in purple… Super trippy!


Jump and hang on tight: this flavour is totally out of whack! What’s our hottest skater’s secret, you ask? Keeping it cool even when things are shaky!


Super friendly, and the hottest croc on the planet. Always up for anything, this flavour packs a mighty punch. Excellent stimulation for your imagination!


A fresh and tangy flavour specially created to give your sleepy brain a jolt: a shockwave you will not forget any time soon! Electrifying.


This is one tough cookie. Though grumpy and rough around the edges, we dig this flavour! What do you say?


Here she is; the cheerleader everyone is talking about! Absolutely hilarious, she explodes everywhere she goes. Temptation...


Though ultra serious, this teacher has a dangerous mission nonetheless: to tickle your curiosity and activate your neurons to the maximum!


The lord of vampires. Obviously in love with red, which it enjoys day and night. No way! You’re scared of blood? Take a big gulp before you blow up!


A sour taste to be sure! A dose of double dare with a whole lot of spice. Hang on; this flavour will overwhelm your taste buds to no end.


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